W. Swartz & Co. provides the following primary services for its clients:


Investment Portfolio Management

Financial Planning


W. Swartz & Co. acts as an additional consultant to its clients in the following areas at no additional fee:


Estate Planning

Tax Planning

Insurance Planning

Employer Retirement Plans

Becoming a Client

The process of becoming a W. Swartz & Co. client will be unique for each client. The below outline is generally what to expect.

Initial Consultation

A phone call or face-to-face meeting with the goal being to outline the process moving forward and establish that the client & firm will likely be a good fit.

Financial Review

Typically a detailed phone call including a full review of the prospective client's assets, liabilities, and past investment experience. Most importantly during this meeting the client's goals & objectives, time horizon, and expected cash flows from managed assets is established.


Using the information from the financial review, a formal proposal is created and presented to the client.


Operational meeting to establish accounts, initiate any applicable transfers/rollovers, etc. to implement the agreed plan.


Ongoing Service

W. Swartz & Co. is committed to providing the highest level of service to its clients.
Unless otherwise requested clients should expect:


Monthly Contact, via email/phone call

Quarterly Update Calls

Annual Plan Reviews

Speedy Responses